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“I can only thank you all from the bottom of my heart and sing your praises from all the tree tops around - if I don't fall off beforehand. I am very happy with the service and also with the support. You're second to none! Thanks a million, wonderful product, superlative support, super cool people.”
Frank McLynn

“Nothing coming close to the sheer elegance of NextEdit. :) Thanks again!!!”
Aleshia McNamara

“I have made some changes already, NextEdit is  great!”
Caroline Supriyanto

"Hello - As a long time customer, I want to thank the NextEdit staff for their help. A couple of years ago, my server dumped my webpage files, and the NextEdit people put the entire site back together for me. Their expertise saved a bunch of money for me. What I like most about NextEdit is although I'm not technologically smart, I can maintain my bed and breakfast webpage: change prices, offer specials, change images, whatever I need, as easily as if I were word processing. Whenever I've needed help, I've found the support staff to be available and patient with me. I don't need an expensive webmaster; NextEdit saves me time and money. I wish you the best in your business. Thanks again,
Sherry (Sharon) Tomlinson,Anchorage, Alaska

"By the way, NextEdit is amazing. It took me 20 minutes to master everything, and now I am finally able to do what I want on my own site (before I had a webmaster who ruled it over me). Now I see that you also have prompt customer service. Have I died and woken up in some sort of paradise? I'm telling everyone I know about you guys."
Jeremy Silman

"Thanks for the quick service. I appreciate that. Your software is now a big part of my life. I tell everybody about it."
Rolf Kungl

"Your service "IS da BOMB!" I've spent days fumbling with so-called "Easy to use Html programs for beginners!". NONE of them were as easy as advertised. With NextEdit, all I do is: Point, Click, Edit, Preview, ...DONE! My site is up and running with all changes that I've made using NextEdit. JUST AS ADVERTISED! A 7 year old can do it (I've witnessed it). You've saved me a lot of headache (and money). Thank You! You've gained a very satisfied client. PS- And it really IS fun to do."
R. Keyes

"Thank you so much for all your help and thanks for a great product!"

"Works great! It's such an improvement over the way I used to do this (Dreamweaver or some such other program) for the kind of editing I need to do. Great product! Thanks for your help!"
Ron Ziegler

"I love your software, after only using it a little last night, this is going to be great for me.
Jeanette Funderburg

"I successfully completed our registration using the handy-dandy link on our Welcome email from NextEdit. I then promptly proceeded to change several lines on multiple pages of our website. It was incredibly easy, just as if I were in MS Word, and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you! No more waiting around for weeks for our Webmaster to get back to us on simple edits!"
Dana Pownall

"Based on everything I tried, NextEdit is the most splendid web content editing package there is for ordinary users. If you can type on a computer then you can use NextEdit - the best, easiest, fastiest program of its kind you will find."
Noah Gelfond

I've been using your service for the last few days and LOVE IT! It's everything you said it was. Working brilliantly! Thanks again for your customer support.
Jim Williams

I used your software extensively and am very pleased with it so far.
Greg Karl

"I have an online music retail store with a huge shopping cart. My webmaster set up my website with NextEdit because for certain pages it was easier to use for making changes than the shopping cart software. It really made my life easier. I especially like the editor - it's just like Word, so I felt immediately comfortable with it."
Greg Wood

"We are one of San Francisco's leading structural engineering firms. Our webmaster chose NextEdit as a maintenance tool because it was easier to integrate than anything else, and there was basically no training required to use it. We don't even think about how it anymore, it's just a given that we can change our job listings or news pages right on the spot."
Bernard Wong

"As an up-and-coming band in Southern California, we have lots of web-saavy friends who can help us maintain our website. The only problem is that our site changes so much we need our own way to make changes ourselves. NextEdit is a MIRACLE because it's so incredibly easy to use and to setup. We also use it on the road. This thing ROCKS!"
Andy Villas-Boas

"Our webmaster setup NextEdit when he designed our website. I've copied and pasted content from Word into our web pages using NextEdit. It's easy and efficient to use. Our webmaster even used it himself to fix a minor problem on our site - while he was at the airport. It's proved to be an essential part of maintaining our website."
Elise Rollinson

"My business is a little unusual, but it's growing very fast. The website is still under construction, but we use NextEdit to upload pictures and add pages to it. When the National Post did a feature story on my paintings, I used NextEdit  to link to that story. Later I used it again to copy and paste the story into a new web page. I'm somewhat of a novice computer user, but it was pretty easy to do once I watched the tutorial."
Kevin House



PLEASE NOTE that standard FTP access to your website is required (not sFTP or FTPS) and that NextEdit is not compatible with database-driven sites, such as WordPress, Joomla, and the many other scripts where the page content is stored in a database rather than in HTML on the page. Be sure to check out system requirements prior to signing up, or contact us for a free preliminary review of your site's compatibility since we do not process refunds after you submit payment.

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