System Requirements

NextEdit – Online Website Editor will work on any website that contains static HTML content. If the user's website is dynamic or Flash-heavy, NextEdit – Online Website Editor can still be used to maintain contents that are composed of static HTML.


  • Windows: Firefox, Netscape and other Mozilla browsers.

  • Macintosh: Firefox, Netscape and other Mozilla browsers.

  • Linux: Firefox, Netscape and other Mozilla browsers.


NextEdit – Online Website Editor will work with any web host, located anywhere in the world. Only valid FTP information is required. Your site's web pages should be plain HTML (though NextEdit does have a "spot edit" capability to mark parts of dynamic pages so they can be manually updated.)


Behind the scenes, NextEdit accesses your web server via FTP... not sFTP or FTPS, just standard FTP. Most hosting services offer this capability for uploading/downloading files.

In addition, NextEdit is designed to edit standard HTML web pages. It can, with the addition of special "spot edit" tags, edit portions of .php and .asp pages, but only sections that contain "static content". NextEdit is NOT compatible with purely database-driven sites, such as those created using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, FrontPage, Yahoo SiteBuilder, Google Sites, GoDaddy WebSite Tonight, and other such tools... those sites MUST be maintained from within that application (and not an external tool). If you are not sure your site is compatible with NextEdit, just send us a link to it and we'll take a look... most of the time we can determine compatibility at a glance.


PLEASE NOTE that standard FTP access to your website is required (not sFTP or FTPS) and that NextEdit is not compatible with database-driven sites, such as WordPress, Joomla, and the many other scripts where the page content is stored in a database rather than in HTML on the page. Be sure to check out system requirements prior to signing up, or contact us for a free preliminary review of your site's compatibility since we do not process refunds after you submit payment.

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