How do I place text over an image?


One way to place text over your image is to add the text to the image itself with an image editing software package such as Adobe Photoshop. However, it can be done in the Editor by creating a table and then setting the image as a background image in a table cell.

First create a table:

1) Click the spot on the page where the upper right corner of the table will go.

2) Click on the "Insert Table" button in the editor's toolbar.

3) A popup window appears that allows you to provide specifications about the table such as the table size, number of rows and columns (cells), spacing and padding of the cells within the table, borders and shading, and color.

4) Click the "OK" button to insert the table.

Then place the image as a background image in the cell:

1) Select the cell or table by clicking on it.

2) Click the "Table, Row and Cell Properties" button.

3) A popup window will open to the "This Cell" tab. Stay here to add a background image for a cell, or click on the "This Table" tab add a background image for the entire row or table.

4)Click in the box next to "Background Image:" and type in the path and file name for your image. The image must already be uploaded to your server.

5) Click "Apply"

Now you can click in the cell and add text over the background image. 



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