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The Web Root is the folder on your web host server that contains your website files. It is sometimes the same folder as your FTP account (usually shown as a slash "/"), but it is more often a subfolder in under FTP account.

It is necessary for the Web Root to be correctly defined, otherwise the editor will not work properly on your site.

To find the Web Root, do the following:

1) Click the "Detect" button and wait until our script responds to you. If auto detect was successful, it will tell you. Then you can finish signup by clicking the "Signup Now!" button at the bottom of the page.

2) If the auto detect was not successful, then you'll need to manually look for the Web Root. It's easier than you might think. Just click the "Choose" button. A popup window will appear that shows the files and folders under your FTP account. Look for and click on a folder that seems to be the likely folder that contains your website. Then click the "Test" button. If the returning message tells you this is the correct Web Root, then click the "OK" button. This will close the popup window and show the folder you chose in the Web Root field. Now you're ready to complete signup by clicking "Signup Now!" at the bottom of the page.

3) If you were not able to find the Web Root manually, then contact us at Toll Free 1-877-444-9111, or through by opening a help ticket (just click the "Contact Us" link at the top of this window).



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