Auto Detect


Our editor has a script that can usually auto detect your Web Root. Press this button once and wait for the script to return a message. It will return one of three messages:

Web Root Auto Detect Successful! - this means the script successfully found your Web Root and you can proceed to submit the form.

FTP failure - this means that our editor was not able to connect to your server by FTP. It could be a temporary problem, but we find that usually it is caused by incorrect FTP information.

Unable to find Web Root. - if you receive this message, then you can manually search for the Web Root by clicking the "Choose" button. This opens a new window that shows you the folders and files on your Web Host server. You can search for your site by clicking on a folder and pressing the "Test" button at the bottom of the window. When you have found the correct Web Root, click Done. You can now proceed to finishing account registration.



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