Creating a link to a bookmark (anchor)


To create a link to a bookmark (anchor):

1) Select the text you want to make into a link to a bookmark. Do that by dragging your cursor over the text and highlighting it. Make sure all of the text highlighted is the text you want to turn into a link.

2) While the text is highlighted, click the "Insert/Edit Hyperlink" button in the editor's toolbar. At the left of the popup window there are three "Link To" options. Select "Place in this Document" (place in this page) by clicking on it.

3) You will see the words "Top of this document" and a list of available bookmarks for the current page. Select either "Top of this document" or one of the bookmarks by clicking on it. If there are no bookmarks listed, you need to create one. See "Creating a bookmarks" for help.

4) Once you have selected the bookmark that you want to link to, it will appear in the "address box" near the bottom of the popup window. Below the "address box" is a "title box". This allows you to create a popup message when the cursor is placed over the link. Type in message if desired, then click "OK"


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