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Top 10 Questions:

  1. How does the Editor work?
  2. Adding an image
  3. Creating a link to another page within my website
  4. I forgot my password. What should I do?
  5. What is FTP?
  6. FTP Error
  7. How do I restore a backup?
  8. How do I upload a file?
  9. What is the "File Manager"?
  10. "Server side scripting has been detected."


Tutorial Videos


General Topics

  1. My File List is incorrect
  2. How does the Editor work?
  3. Can I edit Flash files?
  4. Do I need an existing website to use the Editor?
  5. Can I create a website with the Editor?
  6. What is the Domain?
  7. Can I edit the html code for my website?
  8. Security


  1. Adding an image
  2. Can I edit a picture?
  3. Moving an image
  4. Deleting an image
  5. Resizing an image
  6. Copying an image
  7. Why isn't the image I just uploaded appearing in my file list?
  8. Adding a background image to a page
  9. Adding a background image to a page
  10. How do I place text over an image?




  1. Changing color of existing text
  2. Highlighting text (adding a background color)
  3. Change default text color
  4. Change background color of page
  5. Change the default link color 

Login Issues

FTP Issues

  1. What is FTP?
  2. FTP Error
  3. Security

How do I...?

  1. How do I copy an image?
  2. How do I add text?
  3. How do I add a horizontal line?
  4. How do I add special characters?
  5. How do I save changes?
  6. How do I undo a change to a page?
  7. How do I restore my page to the version before I began editing?
  8. How do I restore a backup?
  9. How do I make a button?
  10. How do I make a link?
  11. How do I get to the page I want to edit?
  12. How do I change the size of a line?
  13. How do I upload a file?
  14. How do I insert an image?
  15. How do I insert text from Word?
  16. How do I place a background image for a page?



Technical Requirements

  1. What are the technical requirements to use the Editor?
  2. Is the Editor Mac or Mozilla compatible?


  1. Settings Overview
  2. Edit Mode
  3. Name
  4. FTP Host
  5. FTP Username
  6. FTP Password
  7. FTP Web Root
  8. Auto Detect
  9. Reset Password
  10. Override Web Root Check
  11. Image Path
  12. Advanced Features
  13. Editor Size


  1. Tables Overview
  2. Creating a new table
  3. Change table size
  4. View Table Borders
  5. What is "Cell Spacing" and "Cell Padding"?
  6. Merging cells in a table
  7. Unmerging cells in a table
  8. How do I change text alignment within a cell or row?
  9. Changing the color of a cell, row, or entire table
  10. Changing the border color of a table.
  11. Adding a background image to a cell or table.
  12. Adding a row to a table
  13. Deleting a row from a table
  14. Inserting a Column to a table
  15. Deleting a column from a table

File Manager

  1. What is the "File Manager"?
  2. What does the Upload button do?
  3. How do I upload a file?
  4. Why can't I edit the file I just uploaded?
  5. What types of files can I upload?
  6. What types of files are editable with the Editor?
  7. What does the "Refresh" button do?
  8. Creating a new page
  9. Right Click Features
  10. View File
  11. Delete a File
  12. Rename File
  13. Move File
  14. Copy File


  1. Adding text
  2. Chainging the font
  3. Chainging the font size
  4. Changing text style to Bold, Italic or Underline
  5. Changing text color
  6. Highlighting text (adding a background color)
  7. Moving text
  8. Aligning text
  9. Inserting text from Word
  10. Creating and editing lists
  11. How do I place text over an image?



  1. How to place an image behind text
  2. Word Documents
  3. Optimizing your page


CMS Tips

  1. CMS Overview
  2. How to lock out a page
  3. How to change accessibility to Editor features
  4. Creating Editable Regions - Spot Edit Tags



  1. Domain
  2. Password
  3. Name
  4. Email
  5. FTP Host
  6. FTP Username
  7. FTP Password
  8. Web Root
  9. Image Path


Error Messages

  1. "Page Is Locked"
  2. "Server side scripting has been detected."
  3. "File Cannot Be Edited."
  4. "No Edit Mode Defined"
  5.  "Unable to connect to FTP."
  6. "Cannot edit a page outside of your domain."
  7. "Warning: Flash content will appear as empty space."

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