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Moving an image can be tricky, because of the way HTML works. If you have an HTML table that provides structure for the page, then you can place an image into a table cell and it will stay there. Otherwise, the picture may appear in a horizontally different spot from where you intended, depending whether the alignment is left, middle, or right. Also, if another image or text is placed adjacent to an image that is not in a table, it may be "pushed" to a different spot because of the flowing nature of HTML.

However, generally, to move a picture, follow these steps:

1) Select the picture by clicking on it ONCE with your cursor.

2) Cut the picture by clicking the "Cut" button (looks like a pair of scissors) in the editor's toolbar (or Ctrl+X).

3) Position your cursor where you want to place the image, then click the Paste button in the editor's toolbar (Ctrl+V).

Another way to move a picture is to grab it with your cursor and move it to another place on the page. Simply position your cursor over the image, then WHILE HOLDING DOWN the left mouse button, drag the image to a new position.

NOTE: if the page has no table structure to keep the image in place, it will probably slide to the left or right when you place it. This can be frustrating to beginners. The solution is to insert an HTML table into your page to provide some structure to "hang" your image on and keep it from sliding. See our tutorial on Tables for more help on this topic. To see the table borders in your page, click on the "view table borders" button located at the bottom right corner of the page.



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