How do I restore my page to the version before I began editing?


If you want to reset the editor with the "live" version of your page (undo all of the editing you just did), just reload it from the "File Manager" by clicking once on its filename.

If you want to restore to a previous version (before the current "live" version), do the following:

The Editor keeps two backups of each page that was edited. The "Last Backup" is the version of your page that appeared before the version that is currently "live."  (The "live" version is the one you see now when you browse your website. It is different than the copy that you're working on in the editor). The "Original Copy" is the original version of your page before any editing was performed.

To restore bring either of these versions into the Editor:

1) Click the "View Backups" button near the upper right corner of the page.  

2) Click on the appropriate version that you want to restore - either "Last Backup" or "Original Copy".  

3)Either begin editing again, or click "Save" to restore an old version to your website.



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