"Unable to connect to FTP."


This message indicates that our editor cannot connect to your web host (the computer that stores your website). This can be caused by several reasons:

1) Your FTP information (location, username, password) are not correct. This could be because you entered them in wrong, or because they have changed since the last time you entered them. The best thing to do is to contact your hosting provider and ask them to confirm your FTP information.

2) Your host server is experiencing problems. Contact your web host to find out if there are problems with your web host server.

3) There is an Internet connection problem between your host server and the Editor's server.

The Solution:

If you see this message, then do as follows:

Step 1 Check your FTP info. If you're sure it's correct, then go to step 2.

Step 2 Contact your hosting provider and ask them to verify your FTP information, or if there is a problem with your host server. You may also ask them to reset your FTP.

Step 3 If you try the above solutions and you still experience FTP problems, then please contact us using our secure Help Ticket system. Send us your website domain and FTP info (location, username and password) and we will try to resolve the problem for you.



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