"Server side scripting has been detected."


This message indicates that our editor has detected code in your page that either cannot be edited, or may be at risk during editing.

The Solution:

If you see this message, then you must go to your Settings and change the Edit Mode from "Basic" to "Advanced", and make some choices about how to set up your pages. You will probably need to insert special tags to create editable regions on your page.

Please see the FAQ on Advanced Settings for full instructions.

Optional Solution

If your pages need additional setup, such as inserting special tags, our Tech Department can help you for a nominal fee. Please contact us through the Help Ticket system. (Click the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page to send us an email.) Tell us which pages, and the exact area on the page you want to edit. We'll confirm the order with you, then proceed to perform the additional setup quickly. This process usually takes 24 hours (during business days M-F).



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