How do I upload a file?


Uploading a file is easy:

1) Check that the "File Manager" is open. You will see a list of available files to the left of your page. If it is not open, click on the "File Manager" tab.

2) Click the "Upload" button located below the "File Manager" tab.

3) Click the "Browse" button in the popup window to search your computer for the file you want to upload (it has to be on your computer's hard drive before you can upload it).

4) When you locate the file, click on it once to highlight it, then click the "Open" button. The file name and its directory will appear in the "Upload File" box.

4) Click the "Upload" button.

5) Now you can click the "Browse" button again to upload another file, or click on the "Done" button to go back to the page you are editing.

The file that you just uploaded should now appear in the file list. If it does not, click on the "Refresh" button.



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